Transformations of Surface.

Unit 1: Visual Recording in Art and Design – Criteria P 1, 3

After today’s class I think I have honed more in on my idea for the Final Transformations set. Obviously other avenues will be explored whilst I am away on holiday such as seascapes and other bits but I really do like the idea of Transformation of a Surface.

Let’s face it whether in nature or man made almost all surfaces are subject to decay, degradation and rot in one way or another whether through nature or man’s intervention . This idea was compounded more after seeing Aaron Siskinds work at the Shape of light Exhibition.

Zig also introduced us to Minor White who’s images offer surreal and impressionistic abstracts. Full of texture and contrast

Seeing some work by Lucy Shires further inspired me.

Showing the change or transformation of a Surface in a close up way making it almost abstract, detached from its reality and hopefully unrecognisable for what it is. Of course, you can see rust on metal and rot on wood, peeling paint and flaking metal but in that closeness it ceases to be the whole object, the only thing that matters is the small area and its material change.

Islands of flaky paint on a sea of rusted metal looking for all intents and purposes like an alien landscape from above.

Peeling and flaking paint showing the layer of years of repainting and recovering.

I’m hoping to discover flaky painted beach huts or old boats, perhaps Machinery or heavy plant left for dead or used daily, these sorts of things always gather rust in the dents dings and cracks caused by constant weathering and battering from the elements.

I will try to get as many angles and viewpoints as I can for this but discussions with Zig steer me towards a flat plane type image 90 degrees to the subject taking away all idea of if this subject is laying, standing or flying. Total detachment from its actual state.

Anyway I will see what the next few weeks bring…..

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