Transformation – A calm place

Unit 1: Visual Recording in Art and Design – Criteria P 2, 4, 5

Well here I am back in my comfort zone… Wildlife and Nature

I’m on holiday in Dorset for a week and a trip out at a nature reserve today brought these lovely animals into my viewfinder… The ultimate transformation for mind and soul. Just being out in Nature calms me… Brings absolute clarity to my mind and generally does me the world of good mentally. No matter how stressed or worked up I get in daily life a walk in the wild always de-stresses me totally. I see it as a transformation of self as doing this helps with the depression and anxiety symptoms that I sometimes suffer.

I must confess I am a little drained after researching and posting so much for this term… Racking my brain thinking of ideas and then worrying they aren’t going to work… Several trips to London, both tiresome and stressful now washed away by fresh air, sea breeze and sunshine.

I’m off out again tomorrow to find some textures and decay for my terms project. I’ve already been scouting some suitable sites and hope they will bear fruit.

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