Transformations – our final Project

Unit 1: Visual Recording in Art and Design – Criteria P 1, 3

So we have been given our final project for the last term. Transformations.

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”
~ Napoleon Hill

Certainly an Intriguing title with a very wide gamut to be creative. We can use any of the techniques we have been researching this year from location to studio and can have free reign to do what we want with regard to presentation and fulfillment of the brief.

So Transformations… It could mean many things, an image or series that shows direct transformation – such as a growing flower or rotting fruit, a transformation of an existing image after the taking such as creative editing or even transforming of a perception of a subject by using creative angles or techniques such as macro or light painting.

Here are just a few Initial ideas I have had for subjects and techniques.

Now of Course this will be changed on an ongoing basis as new things crop Up but this is just an initial brain fart.

I intend to research some Photographers who challenge perceptions and creatively use light or even just make us look differently at the world such as Slinkachu, Troy Paiva, Duane Michals, Hockney, Rankin and Levon Biss to name but a few and we will see where this topic takes me.

I do already have some images in mind using Macro techniques and perhaps a glass ball and extra lense to free lense and see how that turns out, I also fancy trying pinhole amongst other techniques and ideas.

Here is the learning structure for this term.

Project: Transformation

Pronunciation: /transfəˈmeɪʃ(ə)n, trɑːns-, -nz-/

• a complete or marked change in appearance, character or condition
• a complete or marked change of physical form, structure, or substance
• a sudden dramatic change of scenery on stage.
• a change caused by supernatural powers

You are to use photographic techniques (studio or location) that you have explored during this and previous courses in order to produce a set of images for this project. You are expected to develop a body of work showing an experimental approach to exploring and analysing materials. You need to show your investigations clearly in your sketchbook/blog as well as your editorial decisions.

Task 1

Research artists who have used ‘Transformation’ within their work. Analyse the way materials and techniques have been used to inform your own practice. This task is on-going throughout the project.

Task 2

Develop your ideas of ‘Transformation’ using primary and secondary research as your starting point. It will involve making a series of test shots, and analysis of these in your sketchbook/blog.

Task 3

Further develop your ideas within your sketchbook/blog and be inventive with your visualisation. Experiment with materials alongside your development of ideas recording your observations and tests. Be exhaustive in your investigation of materials and techniques and continue to research artists and designers.

Task 4

Complete and present the series of works from your developed ideas and material research. These works should clearly communicate your intentions. Consider and explore alternative presentation and printing techniques.

Task 5

Evaluate your outcome; consider the process, your use of materials and how the work evolved, include any technical issues.

Evidence: You should present a series of at least 6 images. Annotated research into photographers and artists relevant to the theme. Your sketchbook/blog should show the development of ideas and your editorial process such as analysis of contact sheets with annotations etc. You need to experiment with different ways of making and presenting the work through investigating materials and media.

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