Fox in perfect light

There are moments in life where time seems to just stop. A perfect point in the ongoing daily grind.

Today I had the absolute pleasure of having around 20 such minutes with this beautiful creature.

It was – 1c and the sun had broken the clouds at the nature reserve where I was taking a walk. Down the concrete sidewall came this fox, wandering looking for a spot to rest and it just so happened to choose a spot 50 feet from me to lay and warm up in the winter sun.

Perfect light and a perfect subject combined to make this.

What a privelege it is to present this image of my perfect moment seeing this stunner.

Scottish Wildlife

During my recent holiday to Scotland I took some time out from visiting family and friends to go back to what I love, Photographing wildlife.

Lucky for me then that Scotland has some amazing opportunitys to see and photograph birds and a I. Also that we just don’t see in the big smoke of London and I took many many shots of which I am extremely happy and proud, Red and furry should. Give a clue to my favourites.

So from Rutting Stags to Red Kites soaring above right down to Red Squirrels at waters edge I thought I would. Share just a few of the images.

The greatest compliment for me since being back is that after showing a few of these pictures to Andy Rouse and Tom Way (2 superb professional wildlife toggers), they were very impressed with them and complimented me and that really spurs me on.

Red squirrel

One of my all time favourite shots of a Red Squirrel. Taken this week in Scotland. Many many more shots still to process but I love the way this one turned out.

It was taken in Barhill Forest in Kirkcudbright and was a most peaceful and serene place. Totally quiet and away from the hustle and bustle. Probably why the red squirrels love it.

A single shot – but it’s my favourite

Unit 1: Visual Recording in Art and Design – Criteria P 2, 4, 5

Just had to Post this one single shot from my time In Dorset as its my favourite image. Desaturated totally I find this beach shot to be stunning and quite abstract. Taken on the Canon M5, A spur of the moment whilst on the beach with my daughter.

The more I look at the Image, the more I see patterns in the sand and shells.

Transformation – A calm place

Unit 1: Visual Recording in Art and Design – Criteria P 2, 4, 5

Well here I am back in my comfort zone… Wildlife and Nature

I’m on holiday in Dorset for a week and a trip out at a nature reserve today brought these lovely animals into my viewfinder… The ultimate transformation for mind and soul. Just being out in Nature calms me… Brings absolute clarity to my mind and generally does me the world of good mentally. No matter how stressed or worked up I get in daily life a walk in the wild always de-stresses me totally. I see it as a transformation of self as doing this helps with the depression and anxiety symptoms that I sometimes suffer.

I must confess I am a little drained after researching and posting so much for this term… Racking my brain thinking of ideas and then worrying they aren’t going to work… Several trips to London, both tiresome and stressful now washed away by fresh air, sea breeze and sunshine.

I’m off out again tomorrow to find some textures and decay for my terms project. I’ve already been scouting some suitable sites and hope they will bear fruit.

Transformation – Decay

Unit 1: Visual Recording in Art and Design – Criteria P 2, 4, 5

Whilst out in London I decided to take a few test shots and see how the potential idea of Rust, rot and decay I blogged about would Pan out.

I love texture in photography and urban decay certainly gives that. From Rusting metal To peeling paint to the texture that constant tides on the Thames give to the stone, wood and metal surfaces it wears away on. The abstract shapes and textures give the images an almost other worldly feel. Sometimes I look at these types of image and I can feel myself wondering what that surface must feel like.

I am happy with the images as tests but feel they lack punch and definition which is something I will have to look into should I Co tinue down this path.

Transformations – ICM Test shots

Unit 1: Visual Recording in Art and Design – Criteria P 2, 4, 5

As one of my thoughts about this project was Intentional Camera Movement I thought that I’d try a few test shots whilst at the park today to see if I could get to grips with the concept and technique. As you will see it very hit and miss, I like the way the colours just blur and give a very impressionistic style view. But I am Yet to decide if this is something I will Carry forward. Obviously certain subjects lend themselves to this better than others… Long reedy grass for example looks better and more defined than water.

The technique was surprisingly easy to do but very hard to get right. Varying the amount of movement and timing it correctly to suit the subject and conditions proved challenging but these shots are the best of a bad bunch. I will Continue to try this

Transformations – Discarded

Unit 1: Visual Recording in Art and Design – Criteria P 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Every day I turn on the TV to a news item or programme highlighting the disgraceful way in which we as a race treat the planet. Litter and littering, plastic waste and pollution. This was further highlighted to me during a talk I attended with Chris Packham where he talked about his environmental work and photography to highlight this issue such as the series of images he was commissioned by Lidl to make during their campaign to lower the use of plastic bags.

Each of these images shows a negative deviation or transformation from the norm. These animals shouldn’t be eating from plastic or swimming amongst refuse. This is the greatest transformation the planet is undergoing… The waste products from Mankind are changing the world daily with little being done until now to try to end this.

Now some these images are relatively set up whilst others were on the spot reportage type Images and I think if I were to do something similar I would definitely go for the non staged approach, since there is enough litter and rubbish around to do something along these lines.

As you can see there are sadly to many examples for this particular thread of research. It’s sad that so much rubbish ends up dropped or discarded or flytipped instead of being properly recycled or disposed of.

I have taken a few images and intend to carry on looking at this and I feel the 2 below are a good example and just as impactful in colour or black and white as the subject is so emotive.

Again… This will be ongoing