Transformations – The final preparation.

Unit 1: Visual Recording in Art and Design – Criteria P 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Transformations – The theme given to us for our final term was extremely vast. In reality anything could be construed as being in the realm of Transformation, from my Initial mind map below I found myself perhaps limiting the ideas I was having to a few more obvious ones. Although my final technique was one I considered from the outset. The subject was one I had not considered all those weeks ago.

However this changed once I really looked into the subject and began to explore how I could translate the idea into an Image. I wanted to do something that delved into Transformation in more than one way, by both showing something transforming in a material way and transforming the viewers perception of that subject, to take an object or subject that we see everyday and make it new and introduce a completely different look and feel to the visage presented.

Initially I thought I was settled on an idea which combined seascapes with long exposure, but upon trying this whilst on holiday it very quickly became apparent that the sunny weather and clear skies were perhaps not the best conditions to make for good shots for that particular idea as the ND filters needed to bring the shutter speed down to what I required would have been prohibitively expensive (the local camera shop was asking triple the price of online) and also numerous not to mention nigh on impossible to mount with the equipment I had, perhaps an idea for another day… A wet cloudy day.

With that in mind I reverted to another idea I had, after seeing some of the works by Aaron Siskind, which would show transformation of a Surface in some way through decay, rust or peeling paint. And as well as taking images of peeling paint and cracked surfaces whilst on holiday in Christchurch and Mudeford. I finally found my subject on the Dorset coastline on the cliffs of Portland.

The Red Crane is a large iron and steel relic quarry crane on the cliffs or Portland, used for lowering boats and stone into the water for decades, it has been steadily decaying and rusting due to the constant exposure to the elements at their harshest and has the deepest reds and orange hues in the rust I have ever seen. The textures and colour drew me in immediately and I knew straight away I would be using this as my subject. Now I did mention I wanted a dual perspective on Transformation so I decided that using Macro as my technique would give such an effect on perspective as it would transform the rusting surface in the viewers eyes to an almost unrecognisable surface.

Almost everyone I have so far shown the images to has commented that some of the images are unrecognisable as rusting metal, in fact many have commented that they look like the surface or Mars or some other barren desert, which is exactly the outcome I was looking to achieve.

Now when I saw the images in full I wanted to go further, the full image although stunning printed at 12×8 needs refining, therefore I decided that I would further transform that image and take portions of the full size print and mount those in either a square 5×5 format or a tryptych of sections around 5×4 or thereabouts. I have even trial Printed at 18×12 in lustre finish to see what sort of levels of Colour depth and Detail that brings but we shall see once they arrive. I printed some of my final edits on various matte type fine art papers from Permajet and was extremely pleased with the outcomes, so much so that I will be using some Of them for My final selections. The colour reproduction and depth was amazing as was the detail particularly on fibre based and Baryta type Papers which offer such inclusions.

I am still yet to land on my exact way of presenting the images for marking, but I have purchased some clean white frames in various sizes and mount options and will be looking at my different choices this week. I really like the idea of small sized prints which draw the viewer into that macro world, yet make it look like landscape, very much like Rachael Talibarts series I talked about HERE.

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