Transformations – The end is near

Unit 1: Visual Recording in Art and Design – Criteria P 2, 4, 5

So now is the time to properly finalise my choices and edit to taste. The decay and rust style Images I have taken will be my final selection for editing and printing and these images have had good reception and feedback from people I have shown including Rachael Talibart which was nice to hear. I have many images similar to below (some test edited some straight from camera) to choose from So it will be a hard task to narrow them Down.

I’ll have to get some Feedback from Zig tomorrow to help narrow down to around 6 to 8 images.

As for printing I was so impressed with the clarity of just some gloss test prints I did that that seems the natural choice a real matte fine art paper would make the courts pop but lose some detail as would a lustre or pearl finish but I will get a better idea of how to proceed once I have edited a few and added any framing or borders.



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