Visiting Rachael Talibart’s studio

Unit 1: Visual Recording in Art and Design – Criteria P 1, 3

Had a very good and inspiring morning today, visiting Rachael Talibart’s open studio as part of the Surrey open studio month. I discussed her stunning work previously HERE

Set in the grounds of her lovely house in Weybridge she has a beautiful studio/gallery setup and I had a pleasant few hours fuelled by tea and cakes chatting about all her work and some of her techniques and methods, as well as seeing her photographic equipment.

Had the chance to discuss my projects. With her and she loved the idea of the rust Images I had taken as a transformation idea, and it turns out she had done some very similar work.

We spent time talking about the best way of printing and display and I will definately be booking a workshop or 2 with her in the future at the coast.

An extremely interesting and inspiring day which will bear fruit along the road.


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