People and the Environment Final Outcome

Unit 33 lens based image making criteria P 1,2,3,4,5

When looking to finalize and select images for this project I chose around 10 images from a series and took them for my classmates to look at and help with the final selection. We initially agreed on 6 images with 2 others that different people had views on for various reasons. One of the images had people in so it was an easy decision to omit it as i wanted to portray the area as free from human life and reclaimed by the environment and put into context why that had happened. I finally decided to submit 7 images which I feel show the desolation and ultimately the peace and serenity of the area despite the huge nuclear power station which looms over the landscape.

I used various lenses, focal lengths and exposures to capture the landscape and I feel happy in how the images turned out in the end with some final edits to match the tonality and equalise the skies and colours to gel them into a more cohesive collection.

With regards to printing the set I initially Produced the images at 9×6 to give me an idea of colour tone and exposure in print. I then marked on each image how I would like to edit each one to colour and tonally match the set. Once that was done I printed them at 12×8 in both gloss and lustre and again reviewed the images, It was during this review i found them to lack something. I followed Zigs advice and hung the set on my wall for a few days to ponder over and it may be that my walls were helping to lose impact or colour in the images but I decided to add a 2 inch white border to the images and reprint.

Now obviously I could not print at 12×8 with the large border as it would make the image to small so I decided to reprint in both gloss and lustre at 16×12 which allowed me to keep the 12×8 image size and have a 2 inch all round white border. So now I had to choose between the gloss and the lustre so again we looked at this in class and although one of the images was superb in the gloss the others were far better in lustre and for the sake of maintaining the integrity of the set I chose to submit all images in the lustre finish which does give a fantastic shine to the final image whilst allowing a comfortable viewing experience even under harsh light with no reflections or glare.

Below is my final set of 7 images for this project. My favourite image is the Giant wooden T navigation marker on the beach. I love the wide-angle viewpoint which shows the car and caravans in the distance and reminds me of images of the Las Vegas desert and trailer parks in the USA perhaps taking inspiration from Robert Adams and Stephen Shore. Its also the one image from the set that looked spectacular in gloss finish and now resides in a frame on my office wall.

F10 30s ISO 200 at 24MM

The above image was taken as the evening set in so I used a longer shutter speed and an ND filter to give some movement to the background and bring the winch into sharper view against the backdrop as people were walking on the beach and I didn’t want any humans in the images.

F13 1/160s ISO100 at 35mm

There are several lone boats on the shore but it is cluttered with ropes debris and old crates and such so chosing the right angle of view whilst still giving some thought to composition was difficult i had to go slightly under one-third for the sea here as just over the pebble bank were several piles of clutter which would distract from the subject.

F13 1/250s ISO100 at 27mm

As above these boats to were on a bank and this viewpoint hid 2 other small boats and a tractor. I like the slight hint of foreground with the grass as it sets the viewer at ground level and gives some framing. I would have like to have included a bit more so could have gone slightly wider.

F9 1/400s ISO100 at 18mm

One of many old fishermans sheds/shacks which have gradually been demolished and vandalised. this one probably less so as it is concrete. Compositionally I prefer to have the shack start less than a third of the way up the scene so I could include more sky.

F25 1/60s ISO 100 at 27mm

Another shack, Less fortunate than the concrete one which worked to my advantage allowing me to frame the distant boat within the wooden structure and still show the decay of the area. I used F25 to keep the boat in focus as well as the shack as they were some distance apart.

F5.6s 1/1000 ISO100 at 18mm

An oppressive sight really for the area, The nuclear power station is surrounded by a wall like this for what seemed like forever on all four sides. Dotted along the wall every hundred feet or so were these signs warning people of what was behind the boundary. I used a wider angle and got close to the wall to allow me to take a relatively tight shot.

F10 1/250s ISO 100 at 18mm

My favourite image…blue sky and pebbles for as far as I could see. This scene really justified the use of a wide-angle to really capture the scale of the T against the area it was situated on the beach. As I say above it remind me very much of signs in the desert in the USA. It has a feeling of Robert Adams or Stephen Shore about it in its setting and composition.

I have very much enjoyed the challenge of this project from choosing a theme to getting a location researched and finding a structure to the workload.

I feel I have accurately portrayed my intention using various focal lengths and lens styles and types and researched many more whilst concentrating on the theme and eventual outcome. I would have like to have had perhaps a chance to try some other techniques and wider angles in a few images but feel in most compositions the focal length I used is beneficial and warranted for the framing of the scene within my aims.

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