Cruel and tender ideas

Unit 23 – Photographic Media, Techniques and Technology criteria P1

Over the past few weeks I have had many trips to London and plenty of thinking time on the train and whilst walking. Pondering what themes, ideas and subjects I can possibly incorporate into my project.

Despite the title seeming restrictive I found inspiration in several places and have been able to think how I could interpret the core into a wider area. Thought I should at least write down a few of the ideas before they disappear.

Disconnected. This popped up whilst on the train and indeed walking in London and from a poem I wrote a while back. Hundreds of people on the train and 90% of them including a family of 6 on their way out for an evening were all engrossed in their own phones… Lost in a world of perceived sociality. Social networks and email have made life impersonal smartphones allow us to talk to millions of people around the world yet disconnect us to those closest. Social death.

Homeless. One of the saddest sights on London streets especially on cold winters nights is a crumpled sleeping bag in a doorway or sheltered spot. Either by choice or forced some people live this way day in day out and it is cruel and yet tender when a stranger passes by and drops a few coins or leans over to speak to the person and offer a hot drink or some food.

Abandoned. There are many forms of abandonment that could be considered. Discarded items, forgotten thoroughfares, whole buildings left and forgotten for years and many make great photographic subjects.

Oppressive. Many of London building can seem dark gloomy and somewhat scarily oppressive. From the brutalist concrete of the south bank to the sandstone carved monolithic doorways to museums and banks of Old. Yet enter these buildings and you find an array of life going on from Parties to coffee houses playing music. The V&A museum was one example… Huge victorian architecture, massive steps and dirty facades hid a wealth of historical knowledge, beauty and upon entering, a small violin quartet playing joyful Tunes greeted us with smiles. A total opposite of what it appeared outside.

Reactions. When visiting art and photography galleries like the Tate and to a degree the exhibitions on South bank I am. Always struck at how different people react to the Art or sculpture on display. Perhaps taking images of these people looking at the art and their reactions to what they see. Everybody sees art in a different way and this could be a good topic.

Of course tis the season to be jolly so these things may take a turn or need adjusting or tweaking or indeed I may totally find a new route to follow but let’s see.

3 thoughts on “Cruel and tender ideas

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